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Route 951

The Saturday and public holiday service on route 951 starts on Saturday 30th March and finishes on Saturday 1st November and also runs both bank holidays in May as well as the one in August.

If you are taking GCSEs or A-levels or any other exams this year why don’t you and a group of friends from school or college have a great day out at Thorpe Park before you go your separate ways!! Especially for you route 951 will run Mondays to Saturdays starting 27th May right through till 31st August.

We have NOT increased the fares to Thorpe Park again this year. If you have a Thorpe Park or Merlin season ticket why not make several visits to Thorpe Park at different times of the year and for different events. Our low fares ensure you won’t break the bank! If you don’t have a season ticket look out for special Thorpe Park offers in your local supermarket. We have already seen them on Kelloggs cereal packets this year!

ccsWe will be introducing contactless payments on our buses during 2019 including route 951. But this will at first be restricted to certain buses, so please make sure you have sufficient cash to to give to the driver for your fares in case contactless payments are not available.

Thorpe Park Fright Night services

This year the enhanced 951 Thorpe Park Fright Nights timetable will run every Saturday in October plus Saturday 2nd November. As usual the enhanced 951 timetable will also operate during Hertfordshire half term week starting on Monday 28th October until Friday 1st November especially for Fright Nights.

Download the August 2019 leaflet
Note that the connecting 306 on Saturdays now departs 15 minutes earlier than shown in the March edition.

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